PV O&M USA 2016 powerhouse speakers include:

Daniel Hoffmann

Daniel Hoffmann
Chad Sachs

Chad Sachs
Radian Generation

Drew Worts
NRG Solar
Director, Asset Optimization
Wayne Mays

Wayne Mays
Iberdrola Renewables
Director, Engineering
Manhal Aboudi

Rue Phillips
Mike Moone

Mike Moone
Director, Energy Assurance

Their mission: to put O&M under the spotlight, and eliminate the challenges that are preventing your plant reaching its full potential.

The experts speaking at PV O&M USA have extensive experience in the market, and exclusive knowledge of the O&M workings of their industry-leading companies – if you want to grow your O&M strategy, improve your knowledge and get the most out of your PV plants, this is the conference for you!

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference in San Francisco!

Welcome to PV O&M USA 2016! Exclusive discussions in this groundbreaking edition include:

  • Asset optimisation:

    Increase your asset revenue through using system, strategic and performance analysis to identify cost-effective optimisation opportunities

  • Improve performance:

    Maximise your asset’s energy output through intelligent monitoring and data analytics, and the experience of the best-performing operators

  • O&M strategy:

    Develop a better O&M strategy and make effective budgetary decisions, through understanding the scope of work required and being able to benchmark different O&M providers

  • Troubleshooting:

    Ensure a rapid return to full production by pre-empting failure and mitigating the impacts

  • Inverters and BOS:

    Understand your options for maintaining the inverter and BOS post-warranty, to ensure maximum productivity from your system

With over 250+ delegates space is limited- Book before the 14th October and save $200 on your ticket

Why is PV O&M USA so important for 2016...?

The gold rush for new PV installations.

The U.S. installed 1,665 MW of solar PV in the first quarter 2016, increasing 24% over the previous year, bringing the cumulative number of U.S. solar installations now on-line to 27.5 GW according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

The sharpest rise has and will continue to come from the utility sector, but there will also be stronger growth in the commercial and residential markets. By the end of 2016, the US is forecast to have 41 GW of PV capacity online. At the end of 2016, the 30% federal ITC is scheduled to step down to 10% for utility, commercial, and third- party-owned residential PV, and expire altogether for residential PV customers, hence the gold rush now.

O&M market to triple in next five years

The global market for megawatt scale operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset management is forecast to triple in the next five years, to 488 GW by 2020. The market is, however, in a state of flux. Increased competition in the O&M market has seen a growing number of independent providers coming on to the scene and there has also been consolidation via mergers and acquisitions as well as portfolio-level contracting.

With over 250+ delegates space is limited- Book before the 14th October and save $200 on your ticket

Maintaining profits in O&M

With a bumper year for new assets coming online, and an existing fleet of mature assets aging, O&M is now in the limelight as the key element to maintaining your PV asset’s profitability. Preventing failure and maximising output is essential to protect your asset’s value.

Grid operators and PV plant owners are looking for asset management solutions that are reliable and have robust analytics that can provide actionable intelligence once the plant enters its operational phase. Whereas O&M providers must focus on more detailed supply chain management, as well as predictive maintenance, to provide value in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

With solar companies and investors willing to pay more for higher-value software and hardware solutions to reduce risk from their operating assets and deliver higher lifetime value, the higher demand for portfolio-level asset management tools, PV error analysis and monitoring software technology means big business for PV O&M suppliers.

Strike while the iron is hot

At PV O&M USA 2016 the established experts and disruptive innovators in the industry are meeting for two days of interactive sessions and exclusive debate to establish first-class O&M practices that will optimise performance, improve reliability and maximize overall return.

With over 250+ delegates space is limited- Book before the 14th October and save $200 on your ticket

What did the 2015 attendees think about PV O&M USA?

Very relevant subject matter - much better than the larger events like SPI in my opinion.

- Sempra US G&P

Specific attention to topic of O&M and a focus on content. The event was a great success. The speakers were industry leaders who engaged with the audience in interactive educational dialogue.

- True South Renewables

A valuable opportunity to hear views and opinions on the most pressing issues facing the O&M industry and network with other professionals.

- EDF Renewable Services

A highly focussed forum, with all the key players in attendance.

- Radiance Solar

With over 250+ delegates space is limited- Book before the 14th October and save $200 on your ticket

Join 200+ Solar Leaders for Intimate Networking and Valuable Lessons Learnt:

Job Types
With over 250+ delegates space is limited- Book before the 14th October and save $200 on your ticket

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