The Future of South African PV - Webinar Recordings

On 25th April 2012, PV Insider hosted a complimentary webinar: The Future of PV in South Africa.

Through listening to the webinar you will learn how to overcome the project development challenges unique to South Africa, by hearing Davin Chown of SAPVIA, Linda Thompson, Head of Solar Developments at Mainstream Renewable Power and Conrad Hefer from Cresco Project examine these crucial topics:

  • The Future of South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan: Hear SAPVIA examine the impact of Phase I on market growth, to establish how future government subsidies, project financing and PV’s tender in future rounds could impact your future business
  • Project Development Progress: Hear Mainstream Renewables and Cresco Project Finance assess the project development challenges in South Africa and how you can overcome your financial, technical and infrastructural roadblocks

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