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INDIASOL 2014 8-9 October 2014, New Delhi, India

Get the solutions to your biggest commercial and technical challenges and expand your business in India and abroad

The INDIASOL 2014 agenda is jam-packed with knowledge and insight to solve your biggest challenges today - and show you how to win upcoming bids in India and in key markets abroad.

Take a look at the complete agenda below to see for yourself why these sessions are crucial for your business to expand and suceed:

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Day One | Day Two

Day one - Plenary Sessions


09:0-09:15: Chairman's welcome

Welcome speech by our INDIASOL 2014 Chairperson

09:15-10:00: Driving Solar forward in India

  • National Solar Mission (NSM) five year anniversary - hear from the MNRE on the key lessons learnt from Phase I and how they will be implemented in Phase II
  • Get insight from key government officials on the next PV and CSP allocations under Phase II of the NSM to plan your strategy for your bids
  • From subsidies to reverse bidding, debate and discuss the specifics of the NSM with key SECI and get the answers you need to move your business forward

Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary - SolarMinistry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE)

10:00-11:00: Gaining clarity on regional solar policies

  • Comparing regional state polices to the NSM - understand the key differences between the policy drivers in India to plan your strategy for project proposals in 2015
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the policies in emerging solar states such as Gujarat, Karnataka and Punjab and see where the latest tenders are coming out for you to bid on in 2015
  • Gujarat: a solar role model state - hear from state officials on how solar implementation has been streamlined and what your business can learn from this when securing deals in the country

Shri Ishwarbhai M Bhavsar, Chairman, Gujarat Energy Development Agency
G V Balaram, Managing Director, Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Agency
Sh. M.P. Singh, Jt. Director, Punjab Energy Development Agency

11:00-11:30 EXHIBITION & NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK Sponsored by Thermosol Glass

11:30 - 13:00: The next steps for Solar in India

  • Join the discussion with the thought leaders in India’s solar industry on what the future of solar holds for the nation
  • Evaluating RPOs: get a range of perspectives on the merits of the RPO model and how it’s implementation will massively boost your solar business
  • Discuss and debate the support and infrastructure required for a sustainable RPO model, how your business will be affected by it and what you can do to help ensure it becomes mandatory
  • Assess the true value of added storage with a case study from Cargo Solar, who are planning India’s first CSP plant with 9 hours of thermal storage
  • Learn from NEST how scalable TES solutions can provide value to a wide range of thermal applications, from traditional large scale projects to smaller scale applications customized to add value to operating CSP plants

Dhruv Batra, CEO, Cargo Solar
Shiv Shukla, President (Business Development - India & NC)Abengoa Solar India
Jarl Pedersen, Vice President - Marketing & Sales, NEST
Kishor Nair, CEO, Welspun Energy
Rakesh Kumar, Director - SolarSolar Energy Corporation India (SECI)
Ashish Khanna, India Energy Team LeaderThe World Bank


Strategies for success in the MENA markets

14:30 - 15:00: Evaluating key global markets for your project pipeline

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the pipeline for projects in the key emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa to start planning your strategy for market entry
  • Gain clarity on the policy frameworks for the hottest markets - Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and more on the feed in tariffs and power purchase agreements so you can break into these markets and win utility scale projects
  • Understand the key conditions that local developers, utilities and EPCs are looking to be met, so you can make strong and sustainable partnerships

Browning Rockwell, Executive Director, SASIA/Solar GCC Alliance

15:00 - 15:45: Creating partnerships and joint ventures in MENA

  • Find out what makes an ideal partner in emerging markets abroad - from local construction companies to those already active in the solar industry to win business in the MENA region
  • Indian perspective: Hear from Indian companies looking to break into the MENA markets - how they plan on overcoming regional challenges and the steps they will take to create a bid winning consortium
  • MENA perspective: hear from experienced companies in the Middle East that have large scale solar projects on what they look for in their potential foreign partners so that you can see how to fulfil their requirements
  • Get insight into a successful partnership between a local and international company in the region to ensure you meet that your local partner meets the necessary requirements for you to win large solar projects in the region

Moderator: Browning Rockwell, Executive DirectorSASIA/Solar GCC Alliance
Daniel Rich,COO, Nur Energie
Dhruv Batra, CEO, Cargo Solar
Kishor Nair, CEO, Welspun Energy

16:00-16:30 EXHIBITION & NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK Sponsored by Thermosol Glass

16:30 - 17:05 - CSP and PV 2015 project pipeline

Get your share of India’s new 100MW CSP pilot projects

  • Learn about the technical requirements necessary to win one of the two 50MW projects such as the minimum storage to ensure your proposal is successful
  • Understand what the decision makers at ADB and SECI are looking for to plan the perfect proposal and ensure it succeeds over your competitors
  • Discuss and debate the lessons learnt both from Phase I of the NSM and the global CSP industry and how this can help you prepare a winning bid for these projects

Ashvini Kumar, Director PSSolar Energy Corporation India
Antonio Lopez, Energy specialistAsian Development Bank

The 2GW Ultra Mega PV Power Project

  • Get exclusive insight into the planning phase of India's largest PV project being planned and how your company can get a stake in this lucrative opportunity
  • Get the details on how this 2GW PV project is securing investment, land permits and the timelines for the project and put forward a bid winning proposal

Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary - SolarMinistry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE)
R K Tandon, Chairman and Managing Director, Sambha Salts ltd
Sh. M.P. Singh, Jt. Director, Punjab Energy Development Agency



Day One | Day Two


Day Two


9:00 - 9:15 Chairman's Welcome Speech

Welcome speech by our INDIASOL 2014 Chairperson

9:15-10:30 CSP and PV Project bankability in India

  • Get expert strategies from key solar investors to fulfil the legal and technical requirements demanded by them in order to win finance for your next project
  • Get expert tips and advice from CSP and PV developers on how to put forward a bankable proposal - from choosing suppliers, EPC partners, proving your track record and raising equity finance to prepare you for the upcoming tenders
  • Case study: hear from Megha on how they secured investment for their CSP project and the key lessons learnt from their proposals to ensure your can secure the capital you need

Moderator: Pranav Mehta, Chairman, NSEFI
K S Popli, Chairman, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd 
UM Reddy, Assistant Vice President, Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd
Kishor Nair, CEO, Welspun Energy
Gaurav Sood, Managing DirectorSolairedirect
Jis George, Project Manager, Lauren Bharat Engineering Pvt Ltd

10:30-11:00 Power evacuation - improving transmission lines

  • Discover how your power plant can reduce the loss of energy through enhanced transmission infrastructure and substations and significantly cut down your costs
  • Hear from the Ministry of Power about the impact that high level grid integration will have on developers, regulators and transmission companies
  • A green grid for renewable energies? Discuss the strategies for implementing structural changes to significantly cut down the amount of lost electricity at your power plant

A K Maggu, General Manager. NTPC Limited, Ministry of Power

11:00-11:30 EXHIBITION & NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK Sponsored by Thermosol Glass

11:30-12:30 Smarter maintenance strategies

  • Compare preventative maintenance strategies with reactive maintenance approaches to understand how to keep your costs lower in the long term
  • Uncover the environmental and technical factors that you must consider when executing your preventative maintenance strategy, to avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs
  • Hear about solutions that will identify component and process failures, and their apparent causes, to reduce unplanned outages and minimize maintenance expense
  • Understand the importance of spare parts inventory management - doing strict inspections of all component warranty manuals to ensure you are fulfilling the terms and conditions and saving costs on replacements

Neeraj Agarwal, VP and Head O&M Solar, Welspun Energy
Basant JainCEOMahindra EPC

12:30-13:30 Solar performance in India

  • Compare the predicted and actual results of a year’s performance data from Godawari’s CSP plant to take into consideration when planning your own project
  • Get the key lessons learnt on component selection, engineering and optimum conditions of the land from Godawari to prepare the perfect project
  • Get presentations from India's biggest PV power plants with real performance data to see what you can really expect from your own
  • Understand the key challenges during the planning, construction and operational phases of a PV plant in India to be fully prepared for your project
  • Compare and contrast the use of different modules and the performance of the panels to help you decide which is most suitable for your plant

K N Subramaniam, CEO, Moser Baer Solar
Prakash Marappan, Head of Operations, Godawari Green Energy Ltd


15:00-16:00 Off grid opportunities for solar in India

  • Discover the lucrative off-grid applications for CSP in India, such process heating, cooling integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) and direct steam generation for desalination to diversify your portfolio
  • Get a detailed overview of the government incentives for off-grid projects and see how you can remain cost competitive in India’s CSP market
  • Learn about the government initiative to drive forward the use of solar water pumps and see how your company can get its share in this lucrative off-grid opportunity
  • Hear from SECI on the subsidies and pricings in place and upcoming tenders to plan your strategy to win projects

Ashish Khanna, India Energy Team LeaderThe World Bank
Rakesh Kumar, Director - Solar, Solar Energy Corporation India (SECI)
Rahul Sankhe, Managing Director, India, SunEdison
Geetanjali Patil Choori, CEO & Co-FounderEnergy Guru SharperSun

16:00-16:45 Solar research innovations in India

  • CSP: Get first insight into India’s first CSP R&D centre and their strategies for achieving lower LCOE to see what you can learn from it for your future plant
  • CSP: Learn about the centre’s latest technical innovations such as storage concepts and materials and how this can benefit your power plant in India
    Understand the latest innovations in automated cleaning systems and panel coatings to boost the efficiency of your panels
  • PV: Find out from the experts how often you should be cleaning your panels to improve efficiency whilst keeping costs down and reducing water consumption
  • PV: Get to grips with the other factors outside of panel soiling to improve your module output
  • PV: Find out how you can integrate natural cooling on the back side of panels to reduce the loss of electricity

Lavleen Singal, President, Acira Solar
Umish Srivastva, Senior Research Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
Praveen Saxena, Advisor and HeadNational Institute for Solar Energy – MNRE


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