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CPV USA 2013

5th Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA 2013

23-24 September, San Jose, California

Sorry you missed CPV USA 2013 - but you can still benefit

At CPV USA 2013 the industry tackled the latest challenges facing CPV today, plotting solutions and next steps to prove the technology’s viability. You can still benefit from the conference through every presentation.

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Reduce costs through technical innovation and optimized balance of systems to prove the viability of your CPV business

CPV USA 2013 is the concentrated photovoltaic industry's number one meeting place in the USA this year.  At the conference, the entire community comes together to discuss the present and futrue prospects of the technology, so you will get a cover-to-cover overview of what is happening in CPV.

Key topics addressed in 2013

  • Driving down costs - Boost your bankability and get competitive through in the field experience in HCPV and LCPV system integration
  • Future CPV solutions - From cell enhancements to performance evaluation, get the latest from the lab to stay ahead of the cost curve
  • CPV growth strategy - Make CPV an unmissable prospect for investors and utilities by streamlining your business plan to the realities of the market
  • Balance of Systems route to success - Navigate the maze of component selection and system design to guarantee high performance for years to come
  • CPV market insight - Arm your business with the essential market information needed to devise tactics for great market share

Industry pioneers who shared their CPV insight

At CPV USA 2013, the industry leaders came together with exciting new companies to dissect the key issues facing the technology today.  These leaders included:

  • Clark Crawford, Vice President - Sales & Business Development - Solar Energy Business Unit, Soitec
  • Vahan Garboushian, Founder & CTO Amonix
  • Adam Plesniak, Director of Advanced Technology, Amonix
  • Matt Campbell, Director - Global Product Portfolio & Power Plant Systems, SunPower
  • Dan Shugar, CEO, Solaria
  • James Avery, Senior Vice President – Power Supply, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Nasser Karam, Vice President, Advanced Technology Products, Boeing - Spectrolab
  • Jeff Allen, Vice President of Business Development, Solar Junction
  • Geoffrey Kinsey, Director - Photovoltaic Technologies, Fraunhofer CSE
  • Gregory Nielson, Principal Member - Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Martin Plass, Senior Vice President & General Manager, CFV Solar Laboratory

Take a look at the full line up of experts on the speaker page here

The CPV Summit in San Jose provides an excellent opportunity to hear about the newest technology and commercial updates in CPV, as well as outstanding networking opportunities.


Get instant access to invaluble market information and cost reduction strategies

CPV USA 2013 focused on the twin themes of technical innovation and reduced balance of system costs - to prove CPV's viability in a competitive market.  By purchasing the CPV USA 2013 presentations and audio package, you will gain access to the following key conference takeaways:

  • CPV viability analysis - the latest updates on the prospects and opportunities for both high and low concentrated photovoltaic technologies
  • The latest technical innovations - developments in manufacturing, efficiencies and testing to boost the quality, performance and durability of CPV systems
  • Balance of systems analysis - see where CPV companies can make the biggest gains and the quickest wins, to boost ROI and convince the investors
  • Commercialization strategies - see how both emerging companies and established giants are plotting a roadmap for the technology to break into the mainstream

You can see the conference agenda topics in full here 

It was a good format and the attendance was what our particular company was looking for


Build your 2014 CPV strategy using the conference data and analysis

It's not too late to utilize the information that was shared at CPV USA 2013 - the presentations and audio recordings are now available online.  Highlights include:

  • The 90 minute panel discussion CPV's viability industry debate, featuring an introduction from James Avery, Senior Vice President - Power Supply, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • CPV manufacturing and deployment updates from Soitec, Amonix, Solaria and Solar Systems
  • A comprehensive presentation from Sarah Kurtz, Reliability Group Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory on the increasing importance of PV reliability
  • Contextual placement of CPV in the wider PV landscape from Paula Mints, Founder, Chief Market Research Analyst, Solar PV Market Research

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